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Daewoo Semiconductor

Daewoo Semiconductor

152-023, 60-8, Kasan-Dong,
Kumchun-Gu, Seoul, Korea

    Daewoo Semiconductor, the Semiconductor Business Division of Daewoo Electronics Co. Ltd. offer simple Bipolar Linear ICs and CMOS technology-based Microcontrollers for the consumer electronic applications, including TV, Monitor, Video, General & Car Audio, Telecommunication, Automotive, etc to the most highly advanced ASIC(Application Specific ICs) & ASSP (Application Specific Standard ICs) for the industrial, military, robotics, medical equipment and many more ultra-precision system applications requiring custom designed integrated Circuitry.

    Daewoo Semiconductor sells its products directly to large-scale businesses, while small mid-size customers are effectively served by Daewoo Semiconductor Distribution Hongkong, Taiwan.

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